How it works

If you know from the outset what you want from your ceremony that’s just great!  However,  don’t worry even a teeny tiny bit if  you are not clear what you want in your ceremony or how it will look. My job is to help you on that journey and, by the way,  we’ll have more than a little fun along the way! Promise.

I was so worried as we had such a tight timescale but you made me feel at ease from the start so thanks for that. In fact, thank you very much for everything Lorna!”

To start with, we´ll have a chat – in person, or on Zoom, whatever makes most sense and suits you best. I´ll ask some questions to get you thinking and find out a little about your story.  Feel free to ask me lots of questions too at that point of course and throughout.  It’s vital we trust each other; that way I can really get to know you and make sure I understand you both and what you are looking for.

Of course, our conversations are confidential. I have a comprehensive Privacy Policy in place which you are welcome to read.

You got us down to a ¨T¨.  We couldn’t imagine having anyone else!  It felt as if you had known us for years.  Thank you so much!”

Once you are happy we’ve talked about everything you need to, you decide if I am the right celebrant for your ceremony.  Only then  will I ask you for a retainer.   That secures the date for you and you are on your way.  Buckle up, relax and enjoy the ride!

This is when the real work starts for me (although, honestly,  it is always a labour of love! ) I will compose a draft script using the information you have given me to make sure the tone, feel and content reflect you,  your personalities and wishes.   All  scripts are individually written from scratch; they are written for you and about you and you only. You’ll find that by looking at the draft and working together your thoughts, creativity and ideas will start to flow naturally and freely.

“Lorna took more time than either of us anticipated we’d be afforded by a celebrant to make our ceremony as personal as possible.”

My role is to come up with all sorts of ideas for you to consider, things you may not even have thought of – music, readings, poems, personal touches, rituals and tributes for example  – so that afterwards guests will say that your ceremony was just YOU and could only have been yours!  We can incorporate all the things, people and memories which are important to you – perhaps you have a favourite film, colours, football team or a love of all things French? Maybe you want to pay homage to your late Mum,  maybe you want a Star Trek themed wedding, perhaps you’d like a ceremony in the sea (eek!)  or a grand,  formal affair at a stately home or manor house? The sky’s the limit.

Once you’ve looked at the draft you can, naturally, suggest as many changes as you want.  I’ll willingly work on the script until you are both happy with everything.

All this,  means that on your most special of days you can relax, feel comfortable, confident and in control because every word has been written about you, with you and for YOU both.

“There is something very therapeutic about how Lorna undertakes this work and if you wish to represent your truest thoughts in a meaningful way during your wedding, we couldn’t honestly recommend her more”

Of course, I will also ensure all those little practical details, which are so crucial in making the event run smoothly, are attended to. This includes making sure I have a trusted colleague who will stand in for me on the day in the unlikely event of an emergency. I also absolutely promise you the path towards your ceremony will be  fun, enriching and rewarding with no fuss! Couples say I am calm, reassuring and they feel totally safe entrusting their day to me.

Oh but, happily,  it doesn’t end there!  After your ceremony you will receive a beautifully presented wedding script which will contain  your vows and  all the readings and music as a perfect keepsake and record of your wonderful day which may, after all, pass in a wonderful and glorious blur!  This will  be something you can share with those who were unable to attend your ceremony as well as being something to treasure, evoke warm and joyful memories and look back on in the years to come.

“Thank you so much for our copy of the ceremony, we absolutely love it!  It’s so well presented and means so much.”

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